Ways YOU Can Make A Difference!

Glimmer of Life is a 100% non-profit, no-kill rescue organization located in South Florida. We are dedicated to saving the lives of sickly dogs, as well as reducing overpopulation, abuse, and neglect of domestic animals. We need YOUR help!

There are so many ways that YOU can make a difference!
Although monetary donations are our primary resource in providing much needed care for sick and neglected animals, we do understand that not everybody has the extra money to donate towards a great cause. But it's not just about the money. There are all kinds of ways that you can lend a helping hand! You can volunteer your time, or donate supplies or even services. Do you own a business that you think may have something to offer? Let us know! We'll return the favor by letting the public know how generous you are! We are currently looking for a designer to design our logo. You see that blank spot at the top of the page? It's waiting for a logo! If you think you can help us, please let us know! And remember...no amount of help or donation is too small. Every little bit counts! It's the little contributions that add up to make a big difference with an enormous impact!

Love animals? Have a little extra time to spare? If you live in the South Florida area, consider becoming a volunteer at Glimmer of Life! We can always use a helping hand caring for the dogs, or even just playing and socializing with them. If you're interested in volunteering, please click on the link below. You can either fill out your application electronically and attach it to an e-mail addressed to glimmeroflife@aol.com, or you can simply print it to fill it out by hand and drop it off in person - or mail it!
Click Here For a Volunteer Application

Foster A Dog
Although we provide housing for as many dogs as we can, sometimes it just isn't enough! Become a foster parent and provide a needy dog with loving care until they find their forever home!

Make A Donation
Monetary donations are our primary resource in providing much needed care for sick and neglected animals. Every animal that comes into our care requires money. It costs us money to feed and shelter them, and to provide medical care as well as spaying and neutering. We would not be able to do this without donations from caring individuals like you! Help us save more dogs in danger of dying by making a donation or becoming a sponsor today. No amount is too small, and 100% goes directly towards the care of our animals. NO staff member receives any portion of your donation as compensation. Your contribution benefits the health and welfare of the animals ONLY! You DO have a say in what your donation is spent on. Have your eye on one of our rescues that requires extra special attention? Become a sponsor, and let us know which dog you would like your donation to benefit! Every little bit helps! Click Here to Make a Donation

Sponsor A Dog
When you sponsor a dog, you can choose the one that you feel needs you the most! Your donation will then go towards caring for that particular dog, and you will be able to track the progress and see how your donation is making a difference! Click Here to become a sponsor!
Click Here to Sponsor a Dog Glimmer of Life Counts on Your Generous Donations! As a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization, we are desperately in need of your generous donations! It costs money to save lives, and we couldn't do it without people like you! 100% of funds donated to Glimmer of Life small dog rescue are tax-deductible and go directly towards saving the animals. Every animal we rescue gets spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, tested for heartworms and parasites, dental work, and any other health care that they may require. Many of our rescues come into our care with severe medical conditions that require extensive veterinary care, which can become very expensive! Your donation helps provide medical treatment, food, and shelter for sick, injured, and homeless dogs.

$25 Buddy
Vaccinate one animal
$50 Companion
Microchip & Vaccinate one animal
$100 Soul Mate
Neuter one animal & prevent over-population
$250 Defender
Microchip, Vaccinate, Neuter, Test for Heartworms & Parasites
$500 Champion
Microchip, Vaccinate, Neuter, Test for Heartworms & Parasites,
Medicate, Board & Feed one animal for 1 month
$1000 Guardian
Microchip, Vaccinate, Neuter, Test for Heartworms & Parasites,
Medicate, Board & Feed one animal for 2 months
$2500 Angel
Microchip, Vaccinate, Neuter, Test for Heartworms & Parasites,
Medicate, Rehabilitate, Board & Feed one animal for 4 months
$5000 Savior
This amazing gift would work many miracles here at Glimmer of Life by granting a life-saving surgery to a sick or injured dog
facing euthanasia.
Name Your Donation
Choose the amount you would like to donate.
Remember...every little bit adds up, and we couldn't save lives without you!
Sign Up For Monthly Donations
Choose the amount you would like to donate each month for 6 Months.
Remember...every little bit adds up, and we couldn't save lives without you!
Name Your Donation

To send a donation via check,  please mail to:

Glimmer of Life Foundation
5195 S University Drive
Davie, FL 33328

Besides monetary donations, we are always in need of:

  • pet food
  • pet treats
  • collars & harnesses
  • leashes
  • bowls
  • blankets
  • towels
  • Advantage or Frontline flea treatment
  • cleaning supplies
  • tents for adoption or market umbrellas
  • animal crates
  • dog beds and covers
  • newspaper

Email us at glimmeroflife@aol.com if you can help us.